My First Car

2015 Chevrolet Sonic

  1. Backseat and frontseat
    Backseat and frontseat
  2. Exterior
  3. Front seat
    Front seat
Why You Should Fund Me

Hi. My name is Olivia Hart. I'll be fifteen in a few months, and next year, I'm going to have my license. I've decided to plan ahead and figure out a way to purchase my car early on so it'll be easier to have one when I'm sixteen.

The car is a 2015 Chevrolet Sonic. 
That's it up there. I've done my research on it, and it seems to be a very safe car, and it's pretty new, so I shouldn't have to worry very much on repairs or it breaking down. Not only this, but it has a sort of 'coolness' factor that appeals to me. 

The money that I'm raising is going directly toward this car and nothing else. However, if the price goes up or I change my mind about what I want, I may change which car I'm buying. If this is the case, and the car is cheaper and I will have money leftover, I will set it aside for gas.

I'm starting off early, so there's a long time before I'll need the funds. I've done this to make sure I'll get the money I need. This way there's plenty of time to get it! I don't know the exact date, but after I am sixteen and I achieve my license, I'm going to use this money. I estimate about a year and maybe a few months. 

I've been through a lot. Being a foster kid was definitely a transition for me last year, and it's been a little annoying not having the freedoms a lot of other teens have. Well, this is a big freedom, and it's going to happen next year. This means a lot to me. Soon I can drive myself where I need to go! 

But freedom means being responsible. I understand that. Every time I get in my car, and start it up, I will remember the people who gave it to me. And that will be another reminder to not ever take it for granted. I will not text and drive. I will obey the speed limit and every second I drive, I will do so safely. I won't forget what you will have done for me. 

Thanks for just considering this! The fact you've read this is enough to make me smile. I really appreciate this, even if you don't donate. Thank you all so very much.