This year is special, not just because it's the only time I'll be fifteen, and not just because I'm three years closer to being independant, but because it marks a full year living away from Belinda, my abusive mother, and the best year I've had in my life. I've changed since after November.
This is my little birthday daydream page. It's got everything I want on it. I'm not expecting everything obviously, but it's nice to come here and daydream about it. 


  • Cosplay wig - looks like my hair! I really want to dress up like an anime version of me. I know I already have short hair, but this is the anime version. It's very important.​​
  • Brown circle anime lenses. Again, I already know I have brown eyes. These make my eyes anime eyes. Very important!!!
  • The makeup listed in the description in the tutorial video. Click on the purple eye and watch the video. I'm not asking for the brand names, just the items needed.
  • Popin' Cookin' sushi set. I'M DYING!
  • A bento lunch box. I know and love making Bento, but it's not Bento without the box!!! SERIOUSLY!
  • Manga drawing guide. I've already set aside an entire sketchbook for this book. I'm ready!!! SO READY!!!
Click on the pictures to see their link!