My view of life as a previously abused teenage girl

My life just got better after November...
My Story
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Some Photos
Recent photos of my new lifeĀ 
  1. Me and My ELA Teacher at Formal
  2. Me Before the Formal
  3. Me and Will
  4. Me at the school library
  5. Me and my sister Jada
  6. Me and my friends at the library
  7. Title
  1. Bravery
    Facing the demons you have that threaten to come out and the pain they bring to defeat them - no matter how hard.
  2. Love
    Caring about someone despite everything you don't love, and seeing through their demons to look at the person you care about, even if it's scary.
  3. Pain
    When your chest tightens up and tears pour down your face because you're alone and terrified, and anger at the fact you were made to feel like that.
  4. Ambivalence
    All the feelings that don't make sense combined into one confusing knot in your chest.